Hands and Feet



NAILTIQUES is a totally different therapeutic treatment proven to help nails that are inclined to peel, break or spilt. NAILTIQUES products promote natural nail growth. Long, strong nails do not just happen; they are carefully nurtured and treated on a regular basis. In only a few weeks, with the correct diagnosis and after care products you will see a vast improvement in the condition of the nails, cuticles and hands.

Includes nail diagnosis, nail soak and intensive cuticle work. Nail shaping with hand and arm massage, inclusive of a hot mitt treatment to aid hydration. Finished with a prescription formula to aid nail growth, colour is not applied as this is a prescriptive manicure.

MANICURE (French) – approx. 60 minutes – £22.50

Working in harmony with world renowned ORLY products which have a unique formulation and is DPB free you can choose to finish your manicure with a colour from the palette composed of sheers, shimmers, crèmes and glitters or a French polish.

Includes nail soak and cuticle work, nail shaping with hand massage.

PARAFFIN WAX MANICURE – approx. 90 minutes – £32.50

Absolute must for keeping youthful looking hands, excellent for those who suffer from dry chapped skin, cramps or arthritis.

Includes nail soak, cuticle work, nail shaping with hand and arm massage. Application of a ‘hospital grade’ paraffin wax mask to soften and nourish the skin, finished with either a colour or natural polish.

SHAPE & POLISH – approx. 20 minutes – £15.50

Quick shape and slick of polish to revive gorgeous nails.

•ibd• JUST GEL POLISH DRY MANICURE OR PEDICURE – approx. 40 minutes – £20.00 or £36.00 for both treatments if taken together.

Just Gel is a strong 100% pure gel formulation that paints like a polish. Providing natural nail protection with a resilient mirror finish it is the perfect chip-free, long- lasting, high-gloss colour that dries in 30 seconds leaving a flawless appearance so you can say goodbye to smudges and endless hours of waiting for ‘paint to dry’. Just Gel removes effortlessly without the fuss of soaking, drilling or filing in 10 -15 minutes with a simple nail foil wrap, ensuring the natural nail is not damaged.
Includes nail shaping and gel application.

Application of Just Gel Polish maybe added to either a Manicure or Pedicure for an additional cost of £6.00

JUST GEL POLISH REMOVAL – approx. 15 minutes – £6.50 or FREE with a re-application of polish, fingers or toes.

MINX – Dry Pedicure – approx. 45 minutes – £20.00

MINX is nail foil where variety comes in abundance from the pure simplicity of chrome, mirrored effect colours to extreme patterns where your personality can shine through, there’s one for every mood or event, the choice is yours!! Minx is hard wearing (as a rough guide finger nails can last around 1 to 2 weeks – toes nails can last around 6 – 8 weeks, depending a several factors) never chips, has no drying time, easy to remove and doesn’t damage the nails – so what’s there not to like? So stand out from the crowd and release the diva within – once you’ve tried it you won’t go back.

Includes nail shaping and minx application.

Application of Minx maybe added to a Pedicure for an additional cost of £10.00

PEDICURE – approx. 60 minutes – £25.50

Pamper, nourish and care for your feet so you’ll never be afraid to show them in public again. Working in harmony with renowned ORLY products to put the spring back in your step by easing the tension in tired aching feet and improving the appearance of your tootsies.

Includes massage chair with foot spa, cuticle work, foot massage, nail shaping finished with the choice of colour, natural or French polish.

PARAFFIN WAX PEDICURE – approx. 90 minutes – £33.75

Ease away the stress from your feet with the ultimate in soothing treatments, helps reduce puffiness and combats dry skin. The paraffin wax mask will improve skin condition leaving it feeling soft and nourished, excellent for dry chapped skin, cramps and arthritis suffers.

Includes massage chair with foot spa, cuticle work, nail shaping with foot and leg massage. Foot scrub and application of a ‘hospital grade’ paraffin wax mask, finished with either a colour or natural polish.

SHAPE AND POLISH FOR TOES – approx. 30 minutes – £18.50

Quick shape and slick of polish to restore dazzling toes.

CALLUS PEEL – Chemical Peel for Your Feet – approx. 20 minutes – £18.00

A busy active lifestyle can lead to a build-up of hard skin and calluses on the feet, making this part of our body uncomfortable and unsightly. Callus Peel is a revolutionary treatment that will transform your feet instantly. Gone are the days of filing and blades, this is a gentle way of removing the hard, dry dead skin cells from your feet. This unique system is completely safe, it breaks down and dissolves the dead skin without irritation or pain. Your feet will be left feeling rejuvenated, soft, smooth and supple.

*Not suitable for clients that suffer from bad eczema, psoriasis or diabetes as the skin is too thin under the feet. We recommend that callus peel is not use during pregnancy due to an imbalance of hormones.

A Callus Peel can be a stand-alone treatment or incorporated within any Pedicure as the toes can be prepared whilst your feet are being treated.

Add to any one of our Pedicures for £10.00