Do you want gorgeous, sexy, shiny, supple, refreshed & revitalised hair?

The following treatments when added to a Blow Dry or a Cut & Finish will actively promote healthy, shiny hair. They penetrate deep into the hair shaft replacing lost or absent nutrients. Whatever your hair type or condition there is a treatment to suit you.
Express = £4.50
Intense treatment without the fuss.
Revitalizing = £7.50
Intense treatment with the aid of the steamer for deeper penetration into the hair shaft.
Indulgence = £10.50
Intense treatment with steamer and  luxury neck and head massage.

A must for all those needing extrahydration. Ideal for naturally coarse and dry hair. Infused with proteins, botanicals of citrus, aloe vera and algae. The Thirst Quencher will restore your hairs natural balance revealing its inner softness and shine.

For sun worshipers and colour darlings.
Vitamin E, along with citrus, soy protein, hibiscus and rosemary enliven and preserve your colour for longer.
Antioxidants from the sunflower protect against UV filters.

A mega dose of concentrated strength for chemically treated and weakened hair. Vita force technology, with a blend of ceramide, guarana, bamboo and mango seed oil repair and fortify the hairs inner structure giving it a fighting chance to resist future breakage.

Fine, limp or lifeless hair – no worries.
Get an instant boost to make your hair feel fuller and stronger. Eucalyptus and stimulating ginger infuse into the hair for voluminous body and shine.

For hair that has reached the point of no return. This powerful intense treatment has the ability to completely rebuild your hair. Contains a conditioning complex, that combined with protein reinforces the hairs fibres and restores its internal structure.