Body Waxing

Smooth to Touch Body Waxing
Only the best Tea Tree Wax, recognised for its anti-bacterial and smoothing properties, is used to ensure silky smooth hair removal.
MONU Depil-Lotion, which is formulated to calm and hydrate the skin as well as weakening the hair follicles, is applied to reduce in-growing hairs. Therefore, your waxing treatment be comfortable and pain free –  the only thing you’ll be feeling is soft silly skin.

Full leg – £19.25

3/4 leg – £15.50

1/2 leg – £12.50

Underarm – £5.95

Forearms – £8.95

Abdomen (from) – £3.35

Face (from) – £3.20

Eye Brow Shaping – £4.95

Lip or Chin – £3.45


Bikini Line – £9.25

Hair is removed from outside bikini line only.

Tanga Wax – £11.75

Hair is removed leaving a tanga shape (triangle) from within the bikini area, as well as the bikini line. Ideal for those who wear smaller briefs and thongs.

Brazilian Wax – £18.95

Hair is removed leaving a vertical strip from within the bikini area. Hair may be removed from the buttocks if wished. Ideal for those who wear thongs or a G string.

Play Boy – £23.50

Hair is removed leaving a very small vertical strip, with all surrounding area including buttocks stripped bare.

Hollywood – £28.75

For those who dare – it’s completely bare!!